Often it’s the smallest problems that cause the biggest headaches, and for mobility aid users door thresholds can be one of those problems that make it difficult to get in or out of a room or home.

Jetmarine’s Door Threshold Ramp provides a simple, lightweight and robust solution to overcoming these obstacles. The wedge design allows for the Door Threshold Ramp to be left in situ at all times by allowing doors to open and close over them when in place; whilst providing a stable and secure ramp that allows for easier crossing of thresholds.

As standard, our Door Threshold Ramps are available in a range of four heights starting at 3″ through to 6″, to accommodate a wide range of threshold heights with an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, starting at an affordable price of £68.20 (plus VAT where not exempt).

But, being the manufacturer means that we at Jetmarine are easily, and quickly, able to modify and tailor our threshold ramps to meet the needs of both our domestic and commercial customers.

Whether you need the ramp to span the full width of your doors, such as for patio doors, or require bridging plates or flaps, we can modify our Door Threshold Ramp range so that your access needs are met as effectively as possible. With previous modifications having been made for previous customers, we can quickly assess what options are available, and develop new modifications to ensure the best fit for our customers.

Our design of the Door Threshold Ramp has been developed and refined since its launch over twenty years ago, with reductions in weight, yet increases in strength and quality, the Jetmarine Door Threshold Ramp is the simplest yet most adaptable ramp in our product range.

As with all our Access Made Easy products, our Door Threshold Ramps are eligible for VAT Exemption where the user of the ramp meets the requirements of Notice 701/7 Vat Reliefs for Disabled People.

To discuss the threshold solution suitable for your access needs or to find your nearest distributor, do not hesitate to contact our sales team direct on +44 (0) 0161 487 1648, or via email at sales@jetmarine.co.uk. Alternatively if one of our standard Door Threshold Ramp product options is right for your needs, these can be ordered directly from our online store (www.jetmarineshop.com) and receive free delivery; just click here.