The Express range is the very latest and completely new style of folding ramp to complement Jetmarine’s existing range of folding access ramps. Launched in France in 2012, the ramp has proven to be a huge success and we are excited to announce the launch in the UK!

Using a new manufacturing process the Express range has all the strength, durability and high standards you would expect from a Jetmarine product and yet at a budget price.

​By developing the new process along with new core materials, an extremely lightweight ramp with increased carrying capacity has been achieved. Smooth moulded upstands and Jetmarine’s effective anti-slip surface offers wheelchair and scooters users extra security.

A soft, comfortable handle makes carrying effortless and doubles to retain both halves together when closed.

The Express range of ramp is complemented with a foldable 1200 platform, designed to provide a square turning circle with detachable upstands to allow access from either the left or right hand side. Fitted with adjustable folding legs, carrying handles and castors this platform makes access even easier.

With a SWL of 300kg and a range of sizes of ramps and platforms, a 1:12 gradient is easily achieved. Express ramps are available in four different sizes, starting from 3′ up to a maximum length of 6′; whilst Express Platforms are available in two height options – 5.5″ to 9″, and 9″ to 12″.

The Jetmarine Express range is available to order direct from our network of distributors – contact us on 0161 487 1648 or to find your nearest dealer.