As the manufacturer of all our products, Jetmarine have the ability to create new products, or modify our current range to meet the access requirements of our customers. With over 30 years’ experience of manufacturing in glass reinforced plastic (GRP) our manufacturing team have the ability to produce variations to ramp and platform sizes, additional elements such as steps and flaps along with much simpler modifications such as colourways and tread surface.

Over the years, we have provided bespoke solutions for our customers, and modified our ramps in various ways to make them suitable for a range of situations. One such example is the Access Ramps manufactured for The Ethel Trust Community Barge Charity, a community charity established in 1988.

The Ethel is a purpose built, 57 foot long, wide beam canal barge with disabled access in mind. The Ethel is equipped with lifts and handrails throughout to help with access both above and below deck, allowing the Charity to provide unique day trip and residential experiences to a wide range of community groups.

The Ethel Community Barge contacted Jetmarine to create an access solution that allowed all users a safe, easy and effective way to board and disembark the barge that would match the new colour scheme of The Ethel, after its refurbishment. The enquiry also allowed Jetmarine to venture back into the marine market where the roots of our business can be found. With the specification and requirements of The Ethel agreed, our production team set to manufacturing two ramps from our standard product range to meet the spec.

The finished products were a Standard 4ft Access Ramp, and 6ft Folding Scooter Ramp, both manufactured in blue to match The Ethel’s new colour scheme, along with secure storage straps, and eyelets built into the ramps for easy deployment using ropes.