Commercial Mouldings

Glass reinforced plastic is one of today’s most versatile materials, and Jetmarine are specialist in using it in the most practical ways.

Jetmarine manufactured products are in costant use in business, industry, leisure and the community at large.

Jetmarine designs provide a wide range of services and solve a huge variety of problems, their manufacturing processes are based on sportsboat production technology and are geared to meet the toughest of conditions.

Have you considered glass reinforced plastic for your products?

Architectural Mouldings and Facia Panels, Machine Casings and Protective Guards, Car Panels, Spoilers and Cowlings, Industrial Components, Display and Promotional Models.

Jetmarine offers the following services:
Design, Plug Manufacture, Mould Making, Prototypes and Production Runs.

For any glass fibre requirements ask Jetmarine to help you.