About Jetmarine

Jetmarine has been established for over 30 years, during which time we have built a reputation for excellent service, quality and innovative products. As our name suggests, we originally manufactured marine products, with hand built, jet powered sports boats being our main line. Our boats were widely seen as one of the best on the market, with one of our Swift 15 boats being used by the British Royal Family. With the economic recession in the early 90’s, Jetmarine’s product line was diversified into other areas of manufacture using our established facilities, with the contract fabrication and design of products under our own name, and amongst train parts, emergency chemical showers, all weather table tennis tables and cricket pitch covers, we began designing and developing our range of access ramps under our brand name Access Made Easy.

Jetmarine Swift 15 Sports Boat

Today our Access Made Easy range accounts for over 50% of our business, with the range having been tried and tested over the past 25 years, in all walks of life, healthcare and industry. Available to buy from our online shop and through our network of dealer outlets, our Access Made Easy range can be found in some of the most well known and respected mobility outlets across the country. Our dealers’ representatives can help to ensure you get the right Jetmarine product for your needs whether it be our standard products, or a more complex modular or bespoke system.

As well as our Access Made Easy range, our Leisure range includes our All Weather Table Tennis Tables, and All Weather Cricket Pitch Covers. Thoroughly trialled over the years, both products in our Leisure Range provide the added benefit of being much more durable and vandal resistant than traditional alternatives available on the market. Our Table Tennis Tables are not susceptible to delamination when left outside in the elements unlike traditional wooden tables, whilst our Cricket Pitch Covers stand up to both accidental and intentional damage where canvas would normally have torn or grown brittle as a result of UV damage.

With all our products being manufactured by hand at our facility in Stockport, Cheshire, we are able to offer both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to our customers’ needs, whether it be a different colourway or dimension changes. With customers’ needs changing everyday, our range is constantly being enhanced and expanded by our team of onsite engineers to ensure we are able to provide access solutions wherever possible.